The Uxor Family of Enterprises
Our retreat center is located in an 11,000 square foot former Methodist Church in Lind, WA - a wheat farming community in the Columbia Basin. We have beds for 17 guests. Our quilting area features custom made, very solid, just-the-right-height workstations, and excellent LED lighting. And if you need supplies, the Crazy-Quilter shop is a few steps away. After quilting, relax in our spa, with a shower/steam room, infrared sauna, hot tub, massage table and hair salon.
The Crazy-Quilter Quilting Retreat Center

Our quilting shop is located within the Retreat Center at Lind, WA. We are also developing an on-line presence for your convenience at www.crazy-quilter.com.

For further information, please call PJ at (509) 677-3335 or visit our store at 316 North I Street, Lind, WA.
The Crazy Quilter Store
About Us
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Maker of jewelry, lapidary arts, and stained glass.
Seller of fine mineral specimens.

At the present time, our creations are sold at our quilting retreat. At some time, when time allows, we will be expanding our reach.

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Crystal Earth Art
Birth and Baby is our breastfeeding supply and nursing bra store. It is located at 119 North I Street, Lind, WA.

Because Lind, WA is such a tiny town, 98% of our business in from our online store at
www.birthandbaby.com. Visits to our Lind location are by appointment only.

Call 509.677.5177 or email PJ@birthandbaby.com

Birth and Baby